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Tree Care: Queen Palm

Care for your Queen Palm like royalty. For many years, Queen Palms have been used for quick shade, screening and a lush tropical accent across the valley. They are used in several landscape designs, are very clean and easy to grow. Queen Palms originally came from Brazil and Argentina, but can now be found in the western part of the U.S. where winter temperatures don’t drop below 20 degrees....
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Taking Care of Trees in the Summer

A simple guide to taking care of your trees this summer. As it’s probably obvious, Summers in Arizona can be extremely harsh on your trees and it may take a lot to keep them healthy. To keep them from becoming infested, sick with a disease, or get destroyed in a summer storm, follow these guidelines to ensure tree care. Yard Inspection Checking your trees for warning signs of diseases and/or...
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Summer Lawn Care

Preventing serious heat damage with our summer lawn care tips During our scorching heat summer lawn care is important. Don’t worry, it is possible to conserve water while still maintaining a healthy lawn. Summers are brutal here in the Valley of the Sun and maintaining grass lawns can be quite the tedious task. With the extreme temperatures Arizona has in the summer, it’s important to know...
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How to Prevent HOA Letters

Don’t get Penalized by Your HOA Green Keeper can help keep your HOA happy and your wallet happier! Have you ever received a letter like this or something similar from your HOA? Do you wish you had help keeping your yard spotless and your HOA off your back? Well, good news! Green Keeper wants to help put a stop to those inconvenient fines, keep your HOA happy and help keep your yard looking...
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Preparing Your Yard for Summer

It’s about that time to start prepping for summer. Are you ready? Spring is a wonderful time to get ourselves summer ready for all those lake trips and beach visits, but that’s not the only thing spring can help us prepare for. Spring is also a time to prepare our yards for the scorching Arizona heat that is bound to come. If you have a yard that you like keeping healthy and looking spectacular,...
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