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Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring

Ready to Start Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring? It’s time to begin planting and pruning again as the new season approaches. Winter is coming to a quick end as desert temperatures start climbing up the thermometer and cozy jackets become lighter sweaters. For the past few months, trees and shrubs have needed to be covered during the chilly nights and carefully watched. With the...
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Winter Watering in the Desert

Rain, rain DON’T go away…but weeds please do! How Winter Watering in the Desert Works In most places, rain is depressing and ruins days, but when living in the desert, where the sun seems to never go away, rain is always a time to celebrate. This past winter, Arizona has been getting quite a bit of rain and it’s been nothing but great. However, with as much rain as Arizona has been...
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3 Tips on Caring for Your Winter Garden in Arizona

Gardening is a favorite pastime for many people in Arizona and we have a climate that makes it possible to cultivate a garden all year long. Winter in Arizona does have a cold spell that consists of approximately two weeks where the temperature drops below freezing at night. If you happen to live in higher elevations, temperatures can be colder during the day as well, leading to some gardening...
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How to Prevent Winter Weeds in Your Rocks

Preventing winter weeds in your rocks In Arizona, there is no relief from the constant threat of weeds, even in the winter. While most of the country is covered in snow, our state is covered in weeds, so Arizona is still the better place to live, the weeds think so too. Weed seeds, lying in wait below your rock-yard, start to germinate and sprout as the temperature begins to drop, in our fall...
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Pearlscale in Arizona Lawns

Pearlscale, The Scourge of Bermuda Grass As your yard emerges from a season of dormancy, it is refreshing to see that hearty green grass.  It is not refreshing, however, to see the circular patterns of Pearlscale damage left in your yard.  And the worst part is that this insidious insect lays about 100 eggs during the summer and that offspring multiplies the destruction of the lawn you have...
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