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Winter Watering

The Weather Outside is…Delightful! During these short winter months, Arizona is the envy of the nation!  While most of the country is bundled up, plowing snow out of the driveway, we in Arizona are sitting in our lawn chairs, enjoying perfect weather.  This is the time of year when our old adage “you don’t have to shovel sunshine” is especially poignant for our visitors. ...
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Saving your Winter Lawn Before it’s too Late

Do you need some help saving your winter lawn? Good job! You got your lawn seeded on time this year, you aerated, you made sure the seeds got enough water, you even kept the kids and the dog out of the yard for 2 weeks… so why does your lawn look so sparse? We Arizonans put a lot of work into our winter lawn, and sometimes it really doesn’t seem to pay off. There are a lot of reasons things can...
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Queen Palm Fertilization

Give Your Queen Palm The Royal Treatment Queen Palm trees are well-deserving of their regal name; these majestic giants are jewels of the Arizona landscape.  While their crowning fronds reach up to soak in the ample sunshine, their  roots struggle to find the nutrients needed to remain healthy and strong.  Queen Palms thrive in acidic soil, but our dry, alkaline soil does not readily provide...
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Prepare Your Winter Lawn this September

Getting Ready for Your Winter Lawn Here in Arizona, we know that the desert sun is a force to be reckoned with!  After toiling in the summer heat all season, you are ready to enjoy being outside.  If you are looking forward to beautiful winter grass, now is the time to prepare. During the summer months, Bermudagrass is what flourishes in most lawns; it is hearty enough to survive the excessive...
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3 Seasonal Tips for the End of the Summer

Planning Ahead As the end of the summer fast approaches, it is time to look forward to the mild temperatures and outdoor activities of the fall.  Don’t let all of the hard work you put into your lawn during the triple-digit heat go to waste!  Planning ahead and putting forth a little effort now can help you get your yard prepared for fall & ryegrass overseeding if you choose to do...
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