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How-to Kill Spurge in Your Lawn This Summer

Growing Like a Weed It is no surprise that “spurge” rhymes with “scourge.”  This nefarious weed infests beautiful lawns all over Arizona.  It is very common and easy to identify, but there are some key questions in the fight against spurge: what is it, why do we struggle with it and how do we eliminate it? What is spurge? Spurge is a low-growing weed that fans out over an...
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Aeration and Fertilization

Why is it Important to Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn? A green lawn is a beautiful oasis in the desert.  But once it is growing and lush, is it possible to keep it that way? Two of the best things you can do for your lawn is to aerate it and fertilize it.  The combination of these will give you the best chance of enjoying your hard work all season long.  Otherwise, that green oasis might end up...
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Preventing Pearl Scale & Nutgrass

Keeping Pearl Scale and Nutgrass Out of Your Lawn With Arizona’s constant sunshine and excessive heat, keeping your lawn alive and attractive can be quite a battle.  Adding insects and weeds to that already sizeable task can be enough to make you feel like raising your white flag!  But before you abandon all of your hard work and surrender to your yard’s ruin, please allow our...
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Winter Rye to Bermudagrass

How-to regrow bermudagrass after your winter rye has run its course. Spring is here and the temperatures are, for now, perfect! There is nothing better than Arizona in the spring, cool enough to be comfortable while being beautiful and green, as close to lush as a desert can get. This time of beauty and comfort is always short lived, in fact it’s only long enough for the valley’s vegetation to...
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Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn and Garden

Spring is short and there’s a lot to do to get your yard ready for summer! We’ve had a pretty nice winter, a little rain, cool temperatures and beautiful healthy plants and grass taking advantage of the weather. Sadly for them, winter is over and all those mild weather plants will need to be replaced with stronger desert vegetation. Everything from your lawn to your flowers and shrubs...
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