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Catching Nutgrass Early

Nutgrass, Catching it Early As our weather warms up, we start thinking a little more about caring for our yards.  We are thrilled when we see green because it can be scarce in our part of the country, but it isn’t always a welcome sight.  Nutgrass, also known as nutsedge, is a particularly unwelcome resident.  This weed is pervasive in the valley and you need to know what to do to keep it...
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Spring Weeds Make the Worst Bouquets

Spring Weeds ~ What We Don’t Love About Springtime February is the month of love; these days, we are a little more sensitive to the people and things that make our lives better.  This increased awareness of the love in our lives stands in stark contrast to the things that we don’t love.  As our limited winter slips away, the warmer weather not only reminds us why we live in this...
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Winter Weed Prevention in your Desert Landscape

Back to Reality Now that the holidays are over, you have the chance to notice that the holiday season also kicked-off another weed season.  How did your low-maintenance desert landscaping become overgrown with so many nefarious weeds?  While we love and appreciate our winter rains here in Arizona, we do not have the same feelings for these resulting little interlopers.  What can be done to save...
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How-to Kill Spurge in Your Lawn This Summer

Growing Like a Weed It is no surprise that “spurge” rhymes with “scourge.”  This nefarious weed infests beautiful lawns all over Arizona.  It is very common and easy to identify, but there are some key questions in the fight against spurge: what is it, why do we struggle with it and how do we eliminate it? What is spurge? Spurge is a low-growing weed that fans out over an...
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Preventing Pearl Scale & Nutgrass

Keeping Pearl Scale and Nutgrass Out of Your Lawn With Arizona’s constant sunshine and excessive heat, keeping your lawn alive and attractive can be quite a battle.  Adding insects and weeds to that already sizeable task can be enough to make you feel like raising your white flag!  But before you abandon all of your hard work and surrender to your yard’s ruin, please allow our...
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Fall Weed Control

It’s Officially Fall! The days are getting shorter, cooler and more bearable for you and your lawn. You’ve overseed your lawn with perennial ryegrass, now you’ll just have to mow it every 2-3 weeks. This can be the easiest time of year or the hardest, depending on your Fall weed control. Like all plants, different things grow at different times of the year, hence the overseeding you...
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