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Chandler AZ Weed Control

weed, weed killer, chandler, weed controlIn Chandler, desert landscaping is a nice, low maintenance way to beautify your little piece of Valley. Caring for it doesn’t require watering or mowing, in fact, all we really have to do is use weed control sprays to make sure weeds don’t grow in our rocks.
Weed control can be just as difficult as lawn care. Chandler’s soil seems to prefer growing weeds and urban sprawl has turned miles of desert into cultivated yards, it seems to protests . That combined with the number of different weeds that thrive here, we go from one weeds growing season to the next without a break.

Taming your soil takes a bit of work, rocks alone can’t crowd out the weeds, but we can. If you’ve spent a Saturday with a sprayer of weed killer only to spend the next on your knees in the dirt plucking weeds, you know the alternative. This is what we offer:
Our horticulturalist creates custom formulas to kill your weeds, based on Chandler’s native weeds and the time of year.
That formula, our pre-emergent weed control is prepared in 200 gallon tank in the back of our trucks, when applied, it kills the seeds in the ground.
Next, we walk through your rocks spraying a post-emergent solution that kills the existing weeds in rocks.
Then, we have another post-emergent mixture that will kill your weeds without killing your grass.
After we go, you’ll have a window of 14 days to activate the chemicals. You’ll need to apply about ½ an inch of water (30 minutes under a sprinkler), to activate the chemicals.

To be sure that our formulas don’t miss anything, our sprayer nozzles are specifically calibrated to the walking pace if it’s assigned technician.
On the off chance that something evades us, we offer this guarantee:
6 months with no weeds.
If any weeds breaks the surface, we offer 2 free service calls, we’ll come out to and deal with the problem.

Weeds and unwanted plants are not the same thing, shrub seedlings and tree suckers grow in spite of our weed spray. We use a separate formula to deal with these.

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