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Queen Creek AZ Weed Control

Queen Creek has a problem pushing up through the rocks in every yard, weeds.

Queen Creek, Arizona, AZ, weed control

Maintaining your desert landscape is easier in Queen Creek than coaxing a lawn to life. You won’t need to buy a lawn mower, weed wacker, gas cans, oil mixes, extension cords or any of the other lawn tools grass requires. The only things you’ll need to keep your rocks looking nice are a rake and weed control spray.

The urban sprawl we call Queen Creek converted miles of desert into domestic lawns gardens parks and rock yards. The dirt didn’t magically become soil and the generations of weeds and weed seeds didn’t dissolve into plant food either. Weeds and Arizona dirt are a perfect match for each other, there are so many types of weed that as soon as one weeds growing season ends, another weeds season begins.

If your idea of weed control is spraying an over the counter weed killer and waiting for everything to disappear, you’ll have a long wait. You’ll probably end up spending a lot of time on your knees in the rocks plucking every weed in sight, weekend after weekend.

If this isn’t the way you want to spend your weekends, we have an excellent alternative:

  • Greek Keeper has a horticulturist on staff who mixes our weed control sprays specifically to match your soil, weeds and time of year.
  • First, we’ll spray a pre-emergent weed control spray from a 200 gallon tank in the bed of our truck. This spray attacks the unsprouted seeds hiding in the rocks and soil.
  • To kill the weeds that have sprouted, our technicians walk the yard with a post-emergent spray, killing every weed above ground.
  • If you have grass too, we have another spray that will kill your weeds without harming your grass.
  • The only thing you’ll have to do is spray about ½ an inch of water (30 min with a sprinkler), this carries the spray into the ground where it can get to the seeds and roots and needs to be done within 2 weeks.

Our Work is Guaranteed

We’re sure of our process and every detail has been meticulously planned for, every technician’s spray nozzles are calibrated to their sweep speed and walking pace.

We offer 2 free service calls in case anything sprouts within the 6 months of spraying.
Understand that tree suckers and shrub seedlings are not weeds and our weed sprays won’t kill them. If these are a problem in your yard, we have a separate spray to take care of them.

Let us know if anything comes up.

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